Hi! I am Ellen, an illustrator and pattern designer. After I’d been working a while as a freelance illustrator, I started my own company with the name Roodborsje in 2012. The focus of Roodborsje were babies and children, and as I wanted something different, I’ve decided in 2018 to broaden my orientation, and continue the company under my own name, Ellen van der Velden. 

Nature is a repetitive theme in all my illustrations and patterns. Animals and plants are a big part of my life, which you can trace back in my work.
Our house is surrounded by plants, trees, and animals, and my mission is to expand this as much as possible. Every year I plant more trees and plants, with the goal to develop more living space for all animals and insects that are in desperate need for it. I also try to minimize my interference in my own garden, and let nature take its course. I enjoy weeds growing everywhere, and with the children I search for special insects, tiny bones and skeletons from birds, rats or rabbits.

I love to watch the chicken potter around and fertilize the fruit trees, the butterflies and dragonflies that flutter by whenever the sun comes through, and my bee colonies that I recently added to the collection. During the evening the hedgehogs walk by in search of the cat food and in the morning the rabbits are chasing each other on the fields.And whenever the spotted woodpecker targets the insect hotel again, I will yet again just let nature take its course. 

Those are the moments that I try to capture with my illustrations. And I can only hope that others will enjoy it as much as I do. 
If you are interested, have any questions or see a nice opportunity for corporation, please don’t hesitate to contact me.